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Ordinances and Resolutions


Ordinance 2017-01 Nonresident Cards
Ordinance 2017-02  Board Meeting Dates, Times for Fiscal Year 2017-2018
Ordinance 2017-03  Transferring Funds to the Special Reserve Fund
Resolution 2017-04 Honoring Mark Biewald
Resolution 2017-05 Honoring Denise Sommerlot
Resolution 2017-06 In Appreciation of Dundee Township Rotary Foundation
Resolution 2017-07 In Recognition of Pamela Kay Thompson Estate


Ordinance 2016-01 Prevailing Wage
Ordinance 2016-02 Nonresident Cards
Resolution 2016-03 Authorizing Treasurer to Deposit Funds
Ordinance 2016-04 Authorizing Property Purchase and Proposing a Finance Plan
Ordinance 2016-05 Setting Board Meeting Dates, Time
Ordinance 2016-06 Budget and Appropriation
Resolution 2016-07 Travel Expense Reimbursement
Ordinance 2016-08 Providing For and Requiring the Submission of the Proposition of Increasing the Limiting Rate for the Fox River Valley Public Library District, Kane County, Illinois, to the Voters of said Library District at the General Election to be held on the 8th Day of November, 2016
Resolution 2016-09 To Determine Estimate of Funds Needed for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Ordinance 2016-10 Library Holiday Closings
Ordinance 2016-11 Tax Levy
Ordinance 2016-12 Terminating Real Estate Contract


Ordinance 2015-01 Prevailing Wage
Ordinance 2015-02 Nonresident Cards
Ordinance 2015-03 Board Meeting Dates, Amended
Resolution 2015-04 Ehlers, TD Ameritrade Investment Accounts
Ordinance 2015-05 Changing Schedule of Regular Board Meetings
Ordinance 2015-06 Budget and Appropriation
Ordinance 2015-07 Deferred Compensation Plan
Resolution 2015-08 Determine Estimate of Funds for FY2015-16
Ordinance 2015-09 LIMRiCC Intergovernental Agreement
Ordinance 2015-10 Tax Levy
Ordinance 2015-11 Library Closings


Ordinance 2014-01 Prevailing Wage
Resolution 2014-02 Appoint New Trustee
Ordinance 2014-03 Amending Proposes of Capital Projects & Special Reserve Fund
Ordinance 2014-04 Amending Dates of Board Meetings
Ordinance 2014-05 Transfer of Funds to Special Reserve Fund
Resolution 2014-06 Authorizing Treasurer to Deposit Funds
Ordinance 2014-07 Budget and Appropriation
Resolution 2014-08 (Not Adopted)
Resolution 2014-09 Determine Estimate of Funds for FY2014-15
Ordinance 2014-10 Tax Levy
Ordinance 2014-11 Setting Board Meeting Dates, Time
Ordinance 2014-12 Library Closings


Ordinance 2013-01 Amending Purpose of Special Reserve Fund
Ordinance 2013-02 Prevailing Wage
Resolution 2013-03 Honoring Lenore McDonald
Resolution 2013-04 Honoring Maria Bagshaw
Resolution 2013-05 Authorizing Treasurer to Deposit Funds
Ordinance 2013-06 Budget and Appropriation
Resolution 2013-07 Friends of the Library Week
Resolution 2013-08 Determine Estimate of Funds for FY2013-14
Ordinance 2013-09 Tax Levy
Ordinance 2013-10 Setting Board Meeting Dates, Time
Ordinance 2013-11 Library Closings
Ordinance 2013-12 Prohibit Firearms/Conceal Carry
Resolution 2013-13 Authorizing Membership in LIRA
Resolution 2013-14 Declaring a Trustee Vacancy